Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2015

So what happened last fall and this winter?

Concerning sewing I was quite unmotivated and therefore unproductive. Which does not mean that I didn´t produce anything wearable ;-)

Some of the things I made for the little Missy:

When school started in September, the Missy was in need of some T-Shirts (see pic above). I made some with 3/4 long sleeves and some with long sleeves - with either raglan or normal style sleeves. Nothing special but the print of the fabric made them very popular with the Missy.

Next came some warm jumpers for Winter. The ones you can see here were all made with warm sweatshirt fabric and some lace. They actually look a lot better in real and "in action" than here on the hangers, plus they have been worn and washed many times already.